Welcome to my site.

Life is all about Telling Stories in whichever fashion possible.

About me

As you’d know,
I’m Cobus Vermeulen.

I’ve not yet been Published and I’m hard at work getting my First Publishable Novel ready to either send out to Publishing Agents or Publishers themselves.

I’ve been Dreaming Intensely for as long as I can remember.
It’s only been since the Day when I annexed my Mother’s Olivetti Type-writer that I’ve seriously started to Note down all the Wild Ideas I’ve had.

I started writing the Hardest of them all, which would be Short Stories.
Not only in English but my Mother-tongue, Afrikaans, as well.

These are only a few Ideas I’ve had over the past few Months and I’ll add some of the Short Stories which I’d finished Editing as well.

In due time you Might see something more as well…

Who knows, I’m Reaching for the Galaxy… I might even land on a S T A R!

Thanks for Popping around!