Bro… ken…

A Short Story by Cobus Vermeulen             THE DOOR was thrust open violently.             She stormed in at full speed, “I do not want to hear it!” she yells, drowning out the whispering voice, “Now suddenly you want to speak to me, you’ve not called or came to […]


Our Son

A Short Story by Cobus Vermeulen              CHRISTMAS ISN’T always the best of holiday seasons for everybody. This was one of the problems facing Steven. He drove home for a few days over the holiday. There wasn’t any other family he could visit with, so he was stuck with them. […]



A Short Story by Cobus Vermeulen              TOMMY LAY motionless in the Hospital bed. There were a few people around him, but none of them said a word to each other. They did what they could in keeping themselves warm while the ice-cold snowstorm, once more picked up force outside. […]


How do you?

a Poem by Cobus Vermeulen How do you state it in such a Short Time… a Kiss or maybe a Hug, some may still think… Oh, Juk! a Heart which can Beat like that; Thunder, the Things which either We or the Other does, And Still, Oblivious to what We really want would be that […]