His Other Love

A Short Story

by Cobus Vermeulen

THE sun’s rays had forced their way through the curtains. Katy wanted to sleep some
more, it was weekend, but she was half awake by now.
Somewhere else, Dave walked around and around her, looking tentatively at her. He
knew that the relationship had been worth his effort.
Katy reluctantly finally woke up. She was alone in bed yet again. Dave’s side was
cold already, by now she was used to it. Feeling cold to this life as well.
“Oh brother, I did tell him I’m tired of this. Looks like he didn’t listen. Okay then, if
things get hairy, so be it!” she thought irritated, smiling a little.
Somewhere else Dave shows her with his finger on his lips, making sure she’s keep
Katy sits upright on the side of the bed. Looking over the empty room and then grab
the cushions, throwing them off the bed for good measure!
“I will go crazy if he doesn’t stop with this foolishness!” she shouted, not even sure if
her voice carried beyond the room.
Dave immediately stopped, he was sure he’d heard something. Looking at the door,
not sure how long it would be before she stormed in there.
“I’m not too sure I should leave here.” Dave told himself, even unsure if he moves
from his position at all.
Again Katy shouted – “I’ll show him! I did tell him to stop this! If he doesn’t want to
listen, then he’ll deal with me soon!” she deliberately tried to get his attention, not knowing,
she got the neighbors attention too.
She walked to her side of the closet. Taking the traveling suitcases and placed both on the
bed. Then she got her clothes from her closet and started packing.
She dressed, looking in the closet – “These few things he can hold onto, remembering
me by!” she said, packing her favorite clothes.
Dave walked into the house now. He headed upstairs and just stood on the first step of
the staircase.
“Honey are you up yet?” he asked unsurely, “Are you awake yet?”
The last thing she could clearly remember which Dave helped out on was buying the
new bed. It was big, and she could hide both suitcases underneath without any trouble. Katy
looked around, closed the closet and then jumped at the bathroom. She immediately ran the
water for the shower and got inside before he could find her.
Dave walked up to the bathroom door, “Honey… how long are you going to be?” he
asked very attentively, “I want to show you something. Finish up here and come done, I’ll
have breakfast ready and your juice.” he said just loud enough, hoping she wanted to hear
what he was telling her.
“I’ll be out in just a few. Just want to finish here, will be there as soon as I’m done
here.” Katy called from the shower, making sure she did not overdo it.
“Okay, take your time, when you're done come down here, then I’ll show you what I
want to show you.” he said, doing his best at keeping a possible argument at bay.
Dave walked from the room, getting to the kitchen, making sure her favorite breakfast was
ready and waiting on her.
“I cannot wait to show her, hoping she would like it, not really sure. Oh brother!”
Dave told himself, jumping around in the kitchen.
The moment Dave left the room Katy jumped out of the shower. She left the water
running, making sure he would suspect her still showering. She wiped herself down, dressing
in the clothes he didn’t even see on the chair. Both of them were busy with something
entirely different this morning.

Dave didn’t expect a single thing. He’d been busy with this for the last two months,
and now, with everything finished, he was feeling very romantic. So much so, he didn’t even
realize how much time had passed.
“This will be painful, without a doubt! You can forget it, man or woman, they’ve got
only one love. To play the fool with others, that game I surely do not want to play! Crying
there might be, but not too much. I felt this is the right thing to do, thought that from the
moment I saw you and even now… that’s all.” Dave said, doing all he could keep his own
emotions to a bare minimum.
He touched her body, lightly caressing her over an intimate part. Breathing heavy and
struggled in letting go.
With the front door open he heard the telephone ring. Katy was still in the shower, so
he ran getting the call.
“Hi there, Dave speaking.”
“It’s May, is Katy there?” she asked him unsympathetically.
“With that kind of enthusiasm, the sun will once again set.” Dave said sarcastically,
“I’ll go see if she’s still in there. If so, I’ll tell her you called.”
“Sharing a life with you, anyone’s bright sun shining day would have a black rim
around the edges.” she hit back with meaning.
Dave put the receiver down on the small table. He refrained from reacting on her comment.
The day was far too lovely for him to allow anyone to ruin it.
“I’ve got the phone in the bedroom, not to worry honey! Will be there shortly!” Katy
“I’ll finish the breakfast, when you’re done, come on down.” Dave called from the
bottom of the stairs again.
“I’m telling you May, I’m done, I’m just going to leave him, and that’s it!” Katy told
“I’ve been going at you about this for a long time, I know you believe he’s worthy
enough man to give your life to, but as you just said now, you cannot continue on this trend
all your life!” May told her, “Where would you stay tonight?”
“I’ve packed the things I need for the next few days. I’ve got work, and I’ve got
money saved up, I’ve got a plan this time. If you or our friend Linda, my mother or any of the
other can help out – this could work for me.” Katy said, keeping quiet for a moment;
“Albert… brother or not, might not in the least bit like what is going on. This time I’m not
going to allow anyone to talk me out of this!” she said very irritated, “It should work out
better this time, what do you think?” Katy asked her, knowing May never thought much
about Dave, to begin with, but this was almost the most significant decision for her life!
“You’ve kept me up to speed about how you’ve felt over the past few months, but
none of the rest knows a single thing. Just be careful if they don’t believe you and the story
run all over town before you know it.” May cautioned her, knowing people.
“That’s all good and nice. But it’s been three years, and we’ve tried everything. It’s
like we’re living in circles. We don’t have children, and after three years, there’s no direction
I can see we’re heading at together.” Katy told her.
“I’m not saying don’t follow your heart’s feelings. I’m just telling you not to expect
the rest to back you fully like I’m doing. It might not happen, and when it doesn’t, you’ll
have to explain to them how your marriage had been slipping away for the past few months.
I’ll leave, I’ll walk out, I’ll go today, but again, you’re not me.” May told her, doing all she
could in supporting her best friend.
This last push was what Katy needed from May, her mouth and heart were each more
prominent than the other in most instances.

“Not to worry, I’m adapting my plan, and before you know it, we’ll laugh about
everything. Chat with you soon.” Katy told her, cutting the call short.
Placing the phone back on its cradle, “Do I have everything in need for now?” she
wondered, “Would this be what my life had come to? Is this what I’m worth?” she asked
herself, looking at her reflection in the big mirror – “If you do take him to court, neither of
you got more than the other, how would that even end up?” she asked very upset and
irritated, almost shouting this too loud.
Katy took the two suitcases from under the bed. She looked over the room once more,
trying to make sure she took everything she needed. The tear rolling over her cheek. She
couldn’t stop, swallowing back the rest of them she luckily was able to do. She had to
proverbially carry her broken heart in one of the suitcases out of the room with her.
She finally walked out of her life. Heading to an uncertain dark future. She used the
front steps, walking out of the front door.
Dave had finally finished their breakfast and drank another cup of coffee. He walked
to the bottom of the stairs. Listening if Katy was still busy in the room. Hearing nothing,
Dave walked up the steps, going to see about getting her finishing faster.
Katy carefully closed the front door, not making any sounds. Then only, turning
around, she saw that her car wasn’t in the driveway, it was just Dave’s little project standing
“Just brilliant! How am I supposed to get away now?” she asked dismayed, “You just
have to walk through the kitchen, past Dave if you have to and get to your car.” she told
herself, almost dropping the suitcases in the process.
Dave walked into the room, not seeing Katy anywhere; “Sweetheart, where are you?”
he asked a bit worried, “Are we playing that game of hind and find to make out with me?” he
called out again, “I’ll take that as a yes. Then, let the games begin! Ready or not, here I
come!” Dave called out loud enough so that Katy knew he was in the bedroom.
WALKING through the house, reaching the kitchen, the back door was tough for
Katy to do. Suspecting Dave and not seeing him!
Opening the door, she didn’t see him in the back or in the open garage.
“He could be in his little workshop in the back,” she said, hoping and praying he was
there, not to see or hear her.
“I cannot believe you’re this good today. Where are you hiding? I’ve never had to
struggle like this in finding you!” Dave said, happy at playing this game again.
Dave didn’t hear a sound, it was so quiet, he needed to hunt for her!
Katy saw that Dave wasn’t in the little workshop either. She opened the door to her
parking bay. The moment the door stopped, she remembered…
“Your car’s key is on the nightstand. You left it there last night, you were too tired
when you got home to take it down to the kitchen!” Katy scolded herself, grabbing her hand
fast not to alert Dave where she was.
The dam wall breaks; her tears now flow freely, and there’s nothing she can do to stop this!
Through all of this, Dave is still very intent in finding his wife, still believing that she’s
playing a game with him.
“I’ll be seeing you shortly,” Dave shouted, suspecting she was close – “There aren’t
so many places you can keep hiding in.”
Katy took a few very much needed deep breaths, taking control of her emotions and looked
back at the kitchen door.
“You pick your courage up, even if you see Dave, you walk all the up to the room and
get your car’s key. You take it and drive out of here!” she ordered herself, sounding very
forceful towards herself.

Before she left the garage, she sees the key of the car parked in the driveway. Looking at it
for a moment and then wondered for a moment. He did spray it her absolute favorite color,
and it’s as close to a new car as either one of them could get to.
“It would absolutely teach him a perfect lesson!” she told herself, taking the key off
the pig and walked hurried through the house to the suitcases at the front door.
Dave heard the engine startup. He didn’t think any of it, seeing that she was somewhere in
the house and no one would know where to find the key during the day. Dave heard the gate
opening and things suddenly didn’t make sense to him. He ran to the closest window, just
seeing his very hot pride and joy in the street.
“Katy!” Dave shouted, seeing she was behind the wheel, “What are you doing?
Where are you going?” he shouted as loudly as he could, seeing that she just left some rubber
on the tar road and was gone!
WITH the KC Cobra it was only a matter of time before Katy stopped at May’s
house. Katy herself still had to get used to power and the wind ripping at her hair.
Ringing the doorbell, when it opened Katy saw May; “Hi there, didn’t I tell you that I
had a plan in mind?” Katy asked her friendly, trying to get her hair under control a bit.
“What? Hi… What do you mean?” May asked, shocked to see that Katy stood there;
not to mention fiddling with her hair, then only did she see the car in the driveway –
“Whose… which car is that?” she asked, stepping outside, “Where… How… You better
explain yourself! I hope you didn’t steal it!”
“We’re still married at this point. Whatever is Dave's, is mine… technically.” Katy
told her, her heart beating wildly – “I feel so free! I cannot believe I feel so alive right now!”
taking one of May’s hands, “We have to go out tonight, we have to celebrate my freedom!”
Katy shouted, remembering where she was and didn’t want to create any issues for May.
Standing in the doorway, the telephone rang out of the blue. Both women jumped, but
it was May who reacted very fast. She was on the phone, door closed and Katy inside before
she answered the call.
“Hi Dave, no she’s not here. If and when she does pop around in the sports car, you’ll
be the last person on Earth that I’d tell about her arriving here.” May told him straight, as a
matter of fact.
“May, even if she was there I know you’d never tell me. Just ask her, if and when she
does stop there for whatever, just to have a look inside the glove compartment of the car.
There’s a letter in there for her.” Dave had to shout on his side, pretty sure that May didn’t
hear or wanted to hear this.
Showing May she’s not there, not sure if May understood her motions, “What does he
want? Oh, now he notices I’m not there, now that I’ve got his precious damn car!” Katy
wanted with all her being to scream this from the top of the roof.
May waved her off to get away from the phone. Walking over to the window, Katy
looked at the car. Her heart raced even more so, now that she knew what the car could do and
even more so. Dreaming of where to she wanted to escape to next.
May put the phone down, looking at Katy, looking utterly dismayed – “He said
something peculiar.” May told her, walking very cautiously toward Katy; “There’s something
in the car for you. He had to shout at me, but I think you’d understand what is going with
that.” May told her, starting to really worry about what could be going on – “Is he leaving
you, without you knowing it?”
Both women stood there extremely shocked. Neither said a word and Katy just
walked energy-less towards the car. It almost felt like forever in reaching it. Looking back,
she saw that May was following her. Neither of them wanted to know what the letter would
say, but they needed to know!

Katy took out the letter from the glove-compartment; “May, I cannot read this.
Whatever it is, I don’t have the strength to see firsthand what else can blow up in my face
today.” she said, handing her the letter with her shaky hand.
Unwillingly she took the letter. Opening it and started reading. The longer she read
the letter, the more her face turned pale. Not that it was in any way a good sign for Katy.
Standing here, struggling to breathe, not suspecting things could really get any worse, on this
day for freedom for her.
May turned, resting her tired body against the car – “If ever there were people who
had screwed up, then those people who did make that mistake; there would be the two of us.”
May barely said this time her hand was shaking, handing Katy the letter back.
“What do you mean, how could both of us have made such massive mistakes?” Katy
asked her, taking the letter from her – irritated with the situation.
Katy read the letter and had to kneel down, trying desperately to preserve some of her
strength. May had to come over, opened the door and helped Katy onto the passenger seat.
She barely made it to the driver’s side, and there they sat.
“Oh brother!” Katy said.
“You can say that again.” May said, placing her head against the steering wheel.
“He spent every cent he had in rebuilding the car. Seeing that I cannot have children,
he thought that I’d baby the car and we’d take it out over the weekends to enjoy the time
together.” Katy said at long last, “He spent so much time on it, making sure that I’d love my
thirtieth birthday present and always wanting one, I never knew what his obsession was with
the car.” she told May, both entirely out of it.
“We made both a massively huge mistake.” May told her, “Just tell me you didn’t
have the time in writing him a letter, letting him know you’re leaving him?” she asked, head
still resting on the steering wheel.
“Luckily for me, I had no time to do that. I suspect Dave might not notice I took the
suitcases and might not see my clothes is far less than yesterday…” Katy told her, holding
onto the letter right against her heart – “This could have gone so much worse than I could
have imagined!”
“Before you leave, we’ll need to each down a very stiff drink. Beyond that, if he
doesn’t notice the rest, you’ll need to carefully smuggle the two cases into the house and up
to your room.” May told her, only now opening the door, walking around, pulling Katy out as
well; “I must say, with this happening. I was wrong, you did marry the best man I know.”
May told her, “I’ll have to make nice with him in time?” she asked.
They walked to the house even slower than when they headed to the car.
MUCH later in the evening both Dave and Katy rested in the large bathtub. There are
a lot of bubbles; champagne in two glasses, strawberries with cream, some highly valuable
chocolate – the kind which she really loves, and a very electrifying atmosphere!
“I suspect this day didn’t work out in the way which either of us expected it to work
out.” Dave told her, “I’m just very-very happy you’re back with me.” he whispered in her ear,
kissing her neck, “I really, really love you with all my heart. Nothing else in the same way at
all.” he told her, “If you don’t hear and or see it as regularly as you need to know it, that’ll
definitely change!” he told her, smiling happily.
Katy turned around, kissing him lightly, taking over, and making sure that Dave knew
it was going to be a very long night for him.