How do you?

a poem by Cobus Vermeulen

How do you state it in such a Short Time…
a Kiss or maybe a Hug,
some may still think…
Ho Juk!

a Heart which can like that; Thunder,
the Things which either We or the Other does,
And Still, Oblivious to what We really want
would be that FIRST KISS!

The Day starts behind Your Eyes
Tomorrow soon be here, just before you Know!

a Wink, a Breathe, only a Thought
the Need to once more See them…
Doing what we can, to be Seen by the One.

The endless Conversation with one…

HO NO, how can this even be,
Longing for the One who can make a Heart Whole!

© 2019, Cobus Vermeulen. All rights reserved.

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